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I am a gameplay developer currently in Boston, MA starting my career in game development! I received Bachelor's Degree in Game Design & Development from Rochester Institute of Technology December 2018.

I'm mainly interested in gameplay programming; I've been doing it for 6 years now. Making abilities, tweaking movement, and creating the code for characters is what I excel at.

Another interest I have is in the producer role. I've often been in that role throughout my game dev career so far in projects, helping organize and coordinate everyone's talents with each other to be the most efficient at making our game! JIRA, Basecamp, Google Drive, Slack, and Discord are among the many tools used to do so.

I currently work as a freelance dev, finishing up development with a mobile title called Hoodlings! I am the main developer in a team of two devs, working on all fronts of the game.


In the past, I worked at Darkwind Media Ltd. as a Junior Game Developer. There, my focus was on Iron Man VR!

I helped debug graphical issues, systems issues, and made tools to support the team.

Another project I work on in my free time is a 2D Grid-Based Fighter/Shooter made in Unity2D called Project Rock! A previous prototype made in Unreal can be seen below. The project recently started in December 2019, where I currently work as the only dev.

My projects are below and LinkedIn and Github links are in the top right!

Code samples and CVs can be given upon request, but...


Home: Project

HOODLINGS (still in development)

Main Developer

Created with Unity 2019, C#, Android/iOS

Auto-runner game where you swing from string to string. Collect all the Hoodlings at local stores and unlock special skins! Worked on a code system used to unlock skins with Excel, along with all other systems, game states, player states, UI, etc.

We gained 10k in funding by Rochester Institute of Technology to continue professional development!


Lead Programmer and Team Lead

Created with Unreal Engine 4

A grid-based fighting game, where players fight one another using special abilities and shooting at each other from their side of the map. This was designed, created, and play-tested in 5 weeks.

I am currently working on a revamped version of this game, made in Unity2D currently on my own!



Created with Unity 2019

This project is a DirectX 11 engine I made for my team to test out different graphics programming practices. I created the skyboxes, normal mapping, and real-time shadows.

Here is the link:


Gameplay Programmer


Created with Monogame, C#

This is a platform brawler game where cards are your abilities! It's currently networked across LAN using UNet. We worked on a team of 9, and I was responsible for character abilities, movement, attacks, character animations, gameplay effects, and UI design and implementation.


I am really competitive when it comes to fighting games. I love playing Tekken and Smash Bros., especially Smash! So much so that I founded a club at RIT for Super Smash Bros. I really enjoy volunteering; I did a lot in college with my fraternity Phi Kappa Psi. I thrive off of teams that work well together! My favorite food (if it counts as food) is ice cream!

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